Wedding Myths and Going Against The Norm

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We are told that there are certain things that we must do at our wedding because everyone does it. I know that many brides go against the norm and I commend them for doing so. Don't forget that the day is about you and your fiance no one else

-You Do Not Have To Wear A White Dress

          White is not for everyone, so if that is the case for you then find the perfect color for you. Many designers have branched out and started including more colors in their line. You don't need a veil either there are many other options.

- Hiring Talented Friends VS Professionals

         Just because your friend takes photos or DJs does not mean they are they right fit to do so on your day. Most professionals are willing to work with budgets or will recommend someone else that may be better suited for you.

- You Went To Their Wedding

       Many people think that if you went to a friend's wedding that it automatically means that you have to invite them to yours. If there are any issues from anyone just explain that due to budget or space you have to limit the list.

-Wedding Food Tastes Bad

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Your food does not have to taste bad. Think of what you want to remember your food being and find a caterer who will do it for you. Many new trends are including food station bars such as potato bars or taco bars. Do what you want!

- Wedding Planners Are Too Expensive

        Planners are very useful and can help keep you organized. They can even save you money with the way they work with vendors. If you can not afford a planner for the whole process look into one for the day of so that you do not have to worry about anything on your special day.  

-Going The DIY Route

        Many people think that doing everything themselves will save them money in the long run. You still have to purchase all of the supplies and then make the time to do everything. Look at the cost of a professional first and then make the decision it if is worth the money saved and time spent to do it yourself.      

- Uneven Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

     It doesn't matter if you have uneven numbers on either side. You don't even need to have a wedding party if you don't want one. They are all there to celebrate their special day with you, so that is all that matters.

-Your Wedding Budget

      Figure out what it is you want out of your wedding day. If there are any splurge items that you want, figure out what they will cost and see if you can cut your budget elsewhere to accommodate them.

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- A DJ versus A Band

        If you simply talk to your DJ and let them know what you want to be played they will not have a problem. They won't play all of the cheesy classics that you think. As for bands, they will need to take breaks, but see if you can hook a  playlist up for a few songs or if they will drop down to a 2 piece and keep a beat going.

-Wedding Dresses Are Equal

     Not all dresses are created equally. As the price goes up the quality of the gown and embellishments do too. Now, this does not mean that you have to blow your budget out of the water to get your dress. Stick to your budget and do not try on dresses out of your budget.

We hope this helps you know that you are not alone if you go against the norm. Happy planning!