My name is Ashley—my livelihood is rooted in creating art with purpose. One click at a time. It’s a dream come true to witness and capture significant moments, so they can consistently be revisited at any time.

 I’m an adventurer, an explorer—my brave persona and youthful openness of heart has brought me to all corners of the world & has amplified my natural ability to connect with people. To be able to blend in and exist in any environment, in any occasion, allowing me to the focus on encouraging people to feel comfortable in their own skin, so they can just “be”, while I work my magic with the camera.

 As a kid I was drawn to design. I would move the furniture around, paint the walls and decorate them with tear out images from magazines. Imaginative and innovative from the get go. Finding ways to bring about interesting balance to what could be seen and felt.

 I spent hours captivated by the camera my parents owned. No one really knew how to use it, but I would click away without thinking too much about it. When I was 13, my brother bought a Canon rebel and it came with a manual! I read the manual front to back. Being the older brother that he was, the manual was as close I got to playing with the camera. So from there on in, I started saving for a camera of my own.

 In 1999, my first camera purchase landed in my hands. Along with a photography class and an extra lens. My neighbour was equally as excited, as I could shoot him skateboarding all the time. We landed our first published photo that same year.

 My focus became shooting action sports with friends, then professional athletes, high-profile brands, and landing a position as a senior editor for worldwide recognized action sports magazine, TWS. This satisfied my desire to travel the world and participate in two of my other personal passions: surfing and snowboarding.

 Throughout those years of traveling the globe, I had always continued to shoot weddings, special events, families, newborns, and kids. It’s always been the foundation of why I shoot photos—to connect with people, especially in the landmark moments of their lives.

 There is enthusiasm to find in shooting sport, however I came to realize that I was most interested in the individuals than what we were actually doing. Engaging with personalities, hearing stories, and relating to subjects behind the brands, behind their athlete identity—telling their story.

 The two things I do best—connect with people and their authenticity and  tell their stories through photos.

 To this day it brings me immense joy to help others decorate their walls with moments, not things. In a much more boutique fashion than my younger years. However with the same passion and fervor as always.

 My means to achieve this, an in-house service to facilitate the process start to finish. Eliminating the inconclusive time of: too many photos to choose from, which size to print on, who to frame with, which room to put it in.

 We start by choosing the location where the images will land in your home together, taking into consideration styling and balance in the space. Family photo in living room on west wall with 4 inch ornate frame. We then set a date to capture the photographs that best represent what you would like to showcase and share. Be it in the glow of the sunrise on a hike, playing in the sand at the beach, or a special gathering of all the loved ones. Following that, we choose the photograph (only best selects instead of hundreds), and then I deliver the custom wall print to your door.

 Heirloom prints to liven the walls—story telling as our means to connect.