The Top Wedding Trends of 2017

Each and every year there are new trends that come and old trends that go. Here are some trends we are expecting to see a quite a bit of in 2017. Now don't forget you don't have to be a trend-setter. Make sure that you are planning your wedding they way you and your fiance envision it. If that means going against the norms then do it!


-Refined and Regal Venues: elegant timeless properties such as historical buildings and ballrooms

-Intriguing Interiors: Staging companies are able to help with the custom and intriguing interior

-Bold Colors

-Grand Surprises: providing an out of the box experience for the guests

-Vintage Glamour: a whimsical mix of old and new

-Encore Metallics: Copper, rose gold, and pewter but make sure to use strategically

-Neutral Territory: think charcoal, grey-blues, and grey-browns

-Surprise Settings: from vast land to large buildings the venue plays a key

-Local Specialties: embracing the food and culture of hometowns


Happy wedding planning!

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