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We were recently featured in the top 13 of Encinitas! I'm very honored to be considered for this list. We moved to Los Angeles last summer but I am always travelling to shoot weddings, and Encinitas is only an hour drive away.  I want to thank Expertise for including me.  I also want to thank all of my amazing clients who let me capture their special day!

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Los Angeles area photographer, Ashley Barker Wedding Photography, takes one of the most important days in a couples’ life and captures it forever on film. Ashley Barker, owner and lead photographer, has been taking pictures since she was a teenager and had dedicated her life to the craft. Her passion makes each photo she takes unique and special to the couple and occasion. Her skills in outdoor photography have landed her pictures on the covers of magazines such as Snow Surf and Golden Ride. Customers love the photos Ashley takes to commemorate moments they couldn’t have anticipated for a photo list.
— Expertise

5 Things To Consider When Picking A Photographer


When it comes to selecting a wedding photographer many people seem to be at a loss of where to begin as there are so many options. We always like to make sure we are the right fit for our couples and that we meet their expectations. Here are some tips to figure out what you want and expect out of your photographer. 

1) Pick A Style

         There are so many different styles of shooting and each and every photographer has their own spin on that style. The different styles you most commonly see are documentary, portraiture, fine art, and edgy-bold.

2) Do Your Homework

         You will want to look at reviews from recent brides to see what they say. Also look at the photographer's website, any galleries they have listed, and their social media (if applicable). From their website, you can get a feel for how their personality and style. This will let you know if you do want to book a face to face sit down.

3) Set Up Interviews        

       Once you have narrowed down your selections based on style, homework, and their price range (if listed) you need to give them a call. First, you want to make sure they are available for your wedding date. You also want to listen to how the handle the phone call.  If you don't think in the first minute of talking to them that you want to share your special day with them, move on. If you decide to continue with the photographer set up a time to meet over coffee, facetime or any other options, to see how they mesh with you and the style you are going for your wedding.

4) Make Sure Personalities Mesh

          You want to make sure that your personalities mesh with one another. Do you want a male or female? Are they excited about your wedding vision? The more comfortable with your photographer you are the better your photos will turn out. 

5) Ask About Your Rights and Postproduction

          You will want to figure out what sort of rights that you will have over your images once they are completed. Some photographers require that if you share on social media you use one of the watermarked photos and own all of the rights.

          You also want to figure out roughly how many images you will be getting back as that will vary between photographers.  I promise you we take so many that it makes postproduction take quite some time and to ensure that they are perfect for you on your perfect day.

I hope these tips help you in the future select a photographer. Feel free to contact us further if you want to discuss some of these details with us.

Have a fabulous day and happy wedding planning!


From Swiping to Flying: Aly & Erik

LOVE!! This beautiful bride and groom were a match made in heaven when they met on Tinder. Their love for one another came full circle when they were married in April. Aly and Erik were an absolute pleasure to work with and had so many fantastic ideas of what they wanted from me. They had booked a helicopter ride and wanted to shoot on the glacier; unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative, but it didn't matter. Instead we were able to fly to 4 different locations in Whistler and capture these unforgettable moments. Their lovely ceremony took place on Alta Lake, Whistler, BC Canada.